Full Body Pet-CT Scan

Full Body PET-CT Scan Cost is Rs.12,000 at Nueclear Healthcare Limited in Delhi, Hyderabad and Mumbai. In Bangalore, Jaipur, Aurangabad, Nashik and Surat the price is Rs.16000. Online payment is not allowed. Customer needs to pay Nueclear Healthcare Limited directly.

Note: Patient needs to pay Rs. 2000 in advance for MumbaiDelhiHyderabadBangalore and Coimbatore one day before the appointment. Payment link will be sent by Email Or via SMS once the appointment is set. Without the advance payment, your appointment will not be confirmed.


Nueclear Healthcare Limited, Plot no.260/261, Tribhuvan Complex, Ishwar Nagar,New Delhi – 11006 

LANDMARK : Near Surya Hotel 

@ ₹12000


 4/1A, Sector – 23, Kopar Khairane,

Navi Mumbai – 400 709 

@ ₹12000


 Maxis Healthcare Imaging, Unit # 12/19, Ground Floor, Prabhadevi Industrial Estate, Opp. Siddhivinayak Temple, Veer Savarkar Marg, Prabhadevi, Mumbai – 400025

@ ₹12000


Jaipur Nueclear Imaging Center, B71, Lalkothi,Shakar Marg,Jaipur, Rajasthan – 302015

LANDMARK : Near Doodh Misthan Bhandar

@ ₹16000


 Sai Hi-Tech Diagnostic Center, G8/9, Ground Floor, Suyojit City Centre, B wing, Mumbai Naka,Nashik Maharashtra – 422001

LANDMARK : Next to Mumbai Naka Police Station 

@ ₹16000


 Nueclear Healthcare Limited, Namitha Grand, 1-9-645, Vidyanagar,Hyderabad, Telangana – 500044

LANDMARK : Near Spencer Super Market, Beside SBI Bank 

@ ₹12000


Nueclear Healthcare Limited, Bengaluru,Samanvitha Complex, Mayura Street, BBMP, Ring Road, Hebbal, Bengaluru Karnataka – 560094

LANDMARK : Near A2B Restaurant 

@ ₹16000


 Zircon-BIC Imaging Centre 2/871-B, Oasis Building, Hiramodi Sheri, Sagrampura (Opposite Sub-Jail), Surat, Gujarat – 395002


@ ₹16000


 Solaris Medicare Diagnostic Center, CTS no.18036, Adalat road, Aurangabad Maharashtra – 431001 India

LANDMARK : Behind J.K.Towers, Near Chunnilal Petrol Pump 

@ ₹16000

CT scan shows detailed pictures of the organs and tissues inside your body. A PET scan can find abnormal activity and it can be more sensitive than other imaging tests. It may also show changes to your body sooner. Doctors use PETCT scans to provide more information about the cancer. Most of the genuine and reliable hospitals and healthcares are currently focusing upon involving the facility of Pet CT Scan in their services as it can be beneficial for hundreds and help them detect any physical issue that are harder and sometimes impossible to detect through a normal check-up. Pet CT Scan in Mumbai or Pet CT Scan in Hyderabad is not challenging any more as Nueclear has already established its branches here.

A positron emission tomography (PETscan is an imaging test that helps reveal how your tissues and organs are functioning. A PET scan uses a radioactive drug (tracer) to show this activity. This scan can sometimes detect disease before it shows up on other imaging tests.

In today’s advanced world, this is literally impossible to imagine a cancer hospital or a diagnostic centre without the facility of CT Scan. It becomes massively difficult for any group of certified doctors detect the exact condition of a cancer patient or to find out the exact stage of cancer without checking the Pet CT Scan report. In other words, only a proper Pet CT Scan can help the experts detect the unusual activities of cells in any specific part of a human body. Besides, this is only possible for the doctors to know about the absolute stage of the cancer through a proper Pet CT Scan.

Apart from all these, cancer can easily be considered as one of those deadliest diseases that generate no symptoms at the initial stage, and that is one of the prime reasons why detecting cancer has always been one of the biggest deals for most of the patients without going for a proper Pet CT Scan. Fortunately, the facility of Pet CT Scan is now available at your nearest location too, that can also passively reduce all your worries in this regard.

PET-CT scans do carry a risk of radiation. This type of scan uses some radiation from x-rays, the substance used in the PET scan, or both. Scanning a smaller body area means less radiation. So does a CT without the dye that helps show details.

The benefits of these tests are usually greater than the risks. During these tests, you will be exposed to small amounts of radiation. This low dose of radiation has not been shown to cause harm. For children or for other people who need multiple PET scans, CT scans, and x-rays, there may be a small potential increased risk of cancer in the future.

Doctors can use lower dose scans or limit the areas that need to be scanned. Make sure all of your doctors know how many imaging scans you have had, including the number and type. This information can help them decide which scans to use in the future to help reduce your risk. If you are concerned about your radiation exposure, talk with your doctor, including asking whether you can have another type of test that uses less radiation instead.

No matter what the time is, consuming the best possible services of a Whole body Pet CT Scan is not challenging anymore as ‘Thyrocare’ is now even bigger with the complete cooperation of ‘Nuclear’. Knowingly, the failure of going for a health check-up on time has already taken a gigantic number of innocent lives all over the world. So, let the best diagnostic centre of the country be the end of this concern.

A whole body Pet CT Scan can help you detect any other hidden disease of your body apart from cancer. For example, a very silly symptom of any viral disease may turn incurable and move to a level beyond all types of medications if not treated on time in a proper manner. That can be considered as one of the prime reasons why most of the doctors now a day suggest to go for a Pet CT Scan, even if a person is feeling completely well and alright.

Cancer has no cure at the ultimate stage, but it can be completely cured if it becomes possible to detect the disease at the first stage. Consume the best whole body Pet CT Scan services at the most reasonable cost and also grab the latest offers and discounts.

There are some certain number of do’s and don’ts that each and every patient should follow. The PET-CT scan instructions that are mandatorily essential for each and every one are briefly evaluated below for you:

On the following day of Scanning

1. Every patient should undoubtedly be accompanied by an adult
2. Each and every medical records along with the X-ray, MRI, CT or any other kind of report must be carried
3. The patient must not be accompanied by children or pregnant women
4. The one desires to have a check-up must wear loose and comfortable garments
5. Metallic objects, ornaments or any metallic object,should never be carried inside the premises, carry them inside at your own risk
6. You are required to remain at our centre for at least 4 hours from the scheduled time

There are some specific rules that only should be followed by the female patients. If you are a female patient, you must inform the authority if you are pregnant or about to be pregnant or breastfeeding.

  • No anti-diabetic tablets or other medicines should be consumed at the day of check-up
  • Consulting a physician can be perfect as it can help a diabetic patient find a safe way to manage the level of bloodsugar at the day of check-up
  • If you are a diabetic patient, then your blood sugar level must be below 150 mg / dl at the day of check-up

Apart from all these, a 24 hours notice must be provided to us if you personally desire to cancel your appointment due to any specific reason. Besides, any injection that you will receive from our end is only for one time use.

Nueclear Healthcare Limited is one of those healthcare organization that has successfully maintained a very high level of consumer satisfaction since the beginning. This healthcare organization was founded in the year 2010 and is considered as a 100% subsidiary of Thyrocare Technologies Limited. Nueclear has already left footprints in the kingdom of the biggest diagnostic centres of India and is taking steps ahead towards the path of progress at an unbelievable speed, Most of all, they always prefer to provide each and every of their healthcare packages at a very reasonable cost that can passively reduce the financial worries of the family of any patient.

Secondly, Nueclear values your trust more than the expense you carry to consume their services. They treat patients very well and unlike any other ordinary healthcare, they try to make them feel better in every possible way. In other words, they believe, sometimes patient orientations work more than medications. Getting in touch with them can truly be beneficial for you as they can detect any hidden disease of your body within the shortest possible span of time. They can easily provide a perfect solution for almost each and every of your physical issues.